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We offer intelligent Program and Project Services for Chairmen, Boards and Executives and their IT, Engineering, Automation and Digitalisation (incl. Big Data Analysis & AI)  of Campus and Production Sites for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

We deliver project execution services, solutions and consultants for the modern and complex projects in Engineering, Automation and IT Digitalisation of Campus and Production Sites as well as extraordinary strategies for a safe and bright future in challenging situations.

Our almost 30 years experiences in Project Management, Process Automation, Production Line Commissioning Management, green field Factory Planning incl. Factory Extensions help our clients, most of them are the market leader, to continuously increase their successful volume in their segment and quality in time.

We transfer and transform your vision and your mission into successful reality. Our remarkable knowledge results in short realisation cycles and professional outcome to ensure your competitive market innovations with high speed method.

NEW and classic Strategies, Tactics, Consultancy for your Growth, Cost Savings and massive improved Efficiency. 

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Uwe Zenke, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Electrical Engineering

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Some selected project references in brief for you:

1. A data based process model for the further expansion of the production quantities of a well-known corona vaccine manufacturer has been created in high-speed with highest quality. Achievement: A mobile new manufacturing unit for sterile vaccines can be built effectively and efficiently according to the clear process analysis and process model. It has contributed to an outstanding relief of the vaccine shortages during the covid pandemic seasons.

2.  A new manufacturing technology project to produce heart-lung machines and double manufacturing capacity was implemented and managed. The Business Case Study, CAPEX and OPEX as well as the Project Plan for implementation of the new technology have been created. Achievement: We were responsible for the successful intelligent remote commissioning at a suppliers’ site. The capability examination of the machine has been conducted worldwide first time via online-video remotely.

3. Project Lead for Planning, Documentation and commissioning of new water for injection (WFI) technology, medical air systems for medical devices, 750 KW cooling systems for warehouse and production air conditioning.
Achievment: Injection moulding processes have been reengineered and improved to meet lean requirements. The new systems have been planned and commissioned in time. All required validation documentation has been created and approved. Lean production and moulding processes have been improved significantly.

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