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I am well organised customer and service oriented technical expert with team leading experience. In a crisis I remain calm and proactively find suitable solutions. Depending upon the circumstances I can apply my considerable people-skills as integrator or arbitrator. My technically versatility and analytic excellence can be relied upon in a trouble shooting role.

One of my projects (Pharma)

As Project Quality Manager within Development IT (DIT) Quality Management & Processes, I was responsible for analysing and steering multiple projects at several global locations and identifying areas of improvement.

Global distributed clinical databases were successfully migrated according Data Migration Plan. I developed the plan together with the vendor and the team according Quality Manual, SOP`s and individual pharmaceutical company methodology.

New Sites and application extensions were planned and supervised. Therefore I classified all IT applications. New project mandates have been created depending on my classification. Material and human resources were planed and time frames and milestones were set.

Management control assured process based success. New logistics and qualification strategies were implemented to reflect characteristic of new sites. Areas of improvement were identified and adressed to assure business performance.

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